Preventative health care is the foundation of keeping your pet fit and happy.  Routine wellness exams, from head to tail, allow us to gather a complete and accurate picture of your pet’s physical well-being.  A partnership with you will help us tailor a personalized, long term, health plan that ensures optimum protection and prevention of health threats.  This process is a multi-faceted plan.  Vaccinations are a critical component to preventative care for your pets.  We research each and every vaccination that we use to make sure that they are effective and safe for your pet.  Vaccinations from diseases such as Lyme disease, leptospirosis or canine influenza in dogs; feline leukemia virus and feline distemper and upper respiratory virus in cats; and rabies, a fatal viral disease found in both cats and dogs are just a few of the illnesses we can help avoid.  Understanding zoonosis, diseases that can be spread from your pet to you, is a must to keep you healthy as well.  Routine fecal examinations as well has heartworm tests indicate the presence of internal parasites.

As your pet ages, we continue to work side by side with you, ensuring that we address subtle changes and employ the highest standard of care at all times.  Age can have the same kind of degenerative effects on your pet’s body as it does on our own.  Many age related issues can be minimized, or their onset delayed by detecting and treating the issues early.  Wellness blood work and examinations are an important part in affirming the health of your pet and detecting such illnesses as thyroid disease, diabetes or renal insufficiency in cats and dogs.

Nutritional care is tantamount to ensuring that your pet is at its optimum weight and organ function.  Proper nutrition and appropriate dietary nutrients mean that your pet will get all of the fuel needed to keep a spring in its step.  At each exam, we assess your pet’s current diet, consider your pet’s medical history and body weight score to help to make a good choice of diet.  We are happy to assist in the transition and are able to recommend good commercial and prescription diets if needed. 

Our weight management program addresses concerns that surround cases of both overweight and underweight pets.  We will help choose a food with you, explain how to make dietary changes and schedule “weigh ins” to make sure we are on the right track.  It has been shown that pets with a lean and appropriate body weight live longer, healthier lives!   

Preventative Care

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