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Understanding that any type of surgery may cause concern, we work closely with you making sure you have as much assurance as possible that a procedure will be a success.  We subscribe to the highest standard of care and focus on optimum patient safety and pain management, all done by skilled surgeons.  The customized estimate and explanation of the patient’s care plan is discussed. You are encouraged to ask questions to gain an understanding of what is entailed in performing the procedure.

We work towards the best possible outcome by evaluating your pet’s status prior, during and after a procedure.  Prior to every surgery we perform a full, comprehensive examination, run blood work and administer pain medication to make sure that your beloved pet is in optimum health and comfortable.  An intravenous catheter is placed, to proactively be prepared for any complications that may arise.  During surgery we utilize human grade anesthetic, pulse oximeters and homeostatic warming pads.  All of our patients are cared for by a veterinarian and anesthetic technician at all times.  The patient, under our protocols and by the utilization of the best anesthetic and monitoring available, maintains stronger vital signs, recovers quickly and goes home sooner.  Finally, during recovery we monitor each and every patient to ensure that they wake up quickly and ready for a light meal.  They leave prepared to resume regular activity quickly.

We enjoy the process of educating our clients on preventative care to help alleviate the need for future procedures and preserve our patient’s health.