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Offering the Medication Your Pet Needs

We carefully choose the medications that we use in our pharmacy with our patients’ well-being as our highest priority. Each product is researched and selected based on effectiveness, quality, safety, and its ability to deliver the best value for your money.

Our pharmacy will give you the convenience of same-day pickup (provided it is in stock) and the confidence to know that the very people who care for your pet’s well-being stand behind it. If your pet requires a medication that we do not carry, we are able to special order the medication for you.

Get the medication your pet needs at our Branford pet pharmacy. Call (203) 717-4988.

Why Choose Our Pharmacy at Mill Pond?

We understand that you have many options when it comes to purchasing your pet’s medications, but we feel that those products often lack the security of FDA regulation, come from less than reliable channels, and could have been stored under less-than-optimal conditions. Because you don’t truly know where these medications come from and under what conditions they were manufactured, they could lead to adverse reactions or below-standard potency.

As your veterinarian, we possess the most comprehensive information about our patient’s needs and can alert you to possible drug interactions or drug recalls. We stock a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications including flea, tick, and heartworm-preventative products. We will happily answer questions as they arise.

Contact us online or call (203) 717-4988 to learn more.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice

  • Take Your Pet To A Place That Will Treat Them Like Family
  • A Staff Who Is Passionate About the Animals In Their Care
  • Proudly Serving Our Community For Over Three Decades
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  • “Dr Minot has provided exceptional care to my 14 year old cat.”

    - Amy V.
  • “"Thank you" is just not enough.”

    - Taitira R.
  • “The doctors show such compassion and everyone truly knows my animals.”

    - Amy B.