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Dr. Kenton Moore, previous owner of Clinton Veterinary Hospital, has joined Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital to perform acupuncture and cold laser therapy. He performs acupuncture on patients for injuries, lameness, cancer, epilepsy, allergies, feline asthma and many other conditions. He recently was featured in the New Haven Register for assisting a Madison Square Garden Champion.  http://www.nhregister.com/20170225/retired-connecticut-veterinarian-back-in-the-game-with-acupuncture-therapy-for-pets

Dr. Moore and Flashlight

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There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are changing color, and fleas and ticks are…STILL HERE!

Many of us think these pests disappear with the summer sun but they can still be a serious problem in the fall—hiding in leaf piles, high brush, even in garages and sheds.

Below are some tips to help minimize the population of fleas and ticks.

· Remove brush debris, leaf piles, and low-hanging branches from around your home. And keep your lawn trimmed. These areas present opportunities for small flea- and tick-carrying animals to nest and provide a source of exposure for dogs and cats.

· Ensure any upholstered furniture on the porch or in the garage where your dog or cat loves to hang out is kept clean and maintained. These are perfect flea nests and, unless you get rid of them, they’ll contribute to ongoing infestations.

· Close off crawl spaces and screen over vents under the house and leading into attics that can serve as runways for small mammals that carry fleas and ticks in with them.

· Practice year-round flea-and-tick-control on every pet. This means using the product in January as well as in June and treating all cats and dogs in your family, regardless of where they spend their days.

Call us to discuss flea and tick prevention options for your pet!

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