Keep your pets protected by stocking up on Heartgard, NexGard, or Frontline.  

Checking your pet for fleas and ticks every day is a great way to prevent the diseases that parasites carry! Call us if you find attached ticks so we can be ahead of the Lyme disease curve.  And, we're happy to help with tick removal if needed.  We'll also schedule an apointment for your pet 3-5 weeks after tick exposure to run a 4dx test to check for Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses.  

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April Showers Bring May Flowers....Along with Fleas and Ticks!

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We are now open 7 days a week for Emergency and Routine Appointments! Walk-ins and new clients accepted. If we are closed please click below for a list of Mill Pond approved Emergency Care Centers. 

  • Routine Exams & Vaccinations 
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Senior Wellness Exams
  • Dental Exam & Dentistries
  • Castration and Spays
  • Laser Declaws
  • Plus many more...




Dr. Kenton Moore, previous owner of Clinton Veterinary Hospital, has joined Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital to perform acupuncture and cold laser therapy. He performs acupuncture on patients for injuries, lameness, cancer, epilepsy, allergies, feline asthma and many other conditions. He recently was featured in the New Haven Register for assisting a Madison Square Garden Champion.

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Fun Facts:

-Ticks don't jump or fly.  Instead, they generally crawl up their hosts from the tops of grasses and shrubs

-There are more than 850 species of ticks on the planet

-When a flea jumps it accelerates 20 times faster than a space shuttle

-Ticks are arachnids so they are more related to spiders than insects

-Winter does not always kill fleas  

229 East Main St. 

Branford, CT 06405

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