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While a physical examination give us a lot of information, sometimes we need more information to understand the extent of your pet’s health.  Laboratory testing is one of the most essential tools that we have for diagnosing illnesses and problems.  When you bring in your pet for its yearly wellness appointment, tests for intestinal parasites and heartworm are recommended.  This is all done in house in our laboratory so there is no long wait and you have the answers at the finish of your appointment. 

We are equipped with some of the latest technology from Heska, using the Drichem, ePoc and Hematrue machines.  These machines perform many tests including blood cell counts, full chemistry profiles including liver and kidney panels, electrolytes, blood gasses, ionized calcium and blood glucose.  The utilization of rapid in-house assays for the detection of Canine and Feline heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichosis, Anaplasmosis, Giardia, Pavovirus and Pancreatitis allow us to diagnose within minutes of drawing blood, enabling us to determine the best treatment plan and start healing!  Urinalysis and blood smears are performed in our lab using high powered microscopes.

It’s also suggested that we do a CBC (complete blood count) as well as a serum chemistry panel even on the pets that are healthy and young.  We then know what the normal values are for your cat or dog. This provides baseline measurements and let us know when something changes. 

In House Diagnostics