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Kimi was born and raised in North Branford, Connecticut and has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up, she volunteered at animal shelters, nature centers, and rescue events, and was always up for the challenge when people in the neighborhood brought her injured wildlife in a shoebox.

Kimi attended The Sound School in New Haven, where she learned about oceanic ecosystems and spent her days either in the fish production lab with her Cobia and Barramundi, or out on Long Island Sound doing water testing and tagging horseshoe crabs. She later went on to attend Unity College in a rural area of Maine, where she graduated with a double major in Captive Wildlife Care and Education, and Wildlife and Fisheries Management, gaining experience working with livestock, birds, reptiles, and large and small mammals.

Kimi is a foster failure several times over and now lives in Ansonia with her four dogs (Smooch, Mojo, Bonnie and Clyde) and her two cats (Donner and Rose). In her spare time, she loves traveling, gardening, playing Pokémon, and binge-watching supernatural and sci-fi shows.