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Pet Genetic Testing in Branford

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Pets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Many of them have an unknown history of where they came from or what breed they are. Your desire to find out what breeds make up your pet may be simple curiosity. Or, you might also wish to perform a genetic test for your pet to uncover a predisposition for certain medical conditions since some breeds are particularly prone to certain diseases.

Our veterinarians can meet with you to discuss your concerns and help determine the best genetic test for your pet using the most reliable facilities available.

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How It Works

We can run a DNA test on a sample of any cells that contain a nucleus. In most cases, we will collect a small sample of your pet’s cells by rubbing a small brush inside his or her cheek. In other cases, we may collect a small blood sample. With in-house laboratory testing, we can quickly analyze the sample and have results back to you as soon as possible.

We can run genetic tests to:

  • Determine which breeds contributed to your pet’s mix
  • Determine if your pet has any predisposition to certain medical conditions
  • Help you better understand your pet’s physical and personality traits
  • Help you develop a better diet, wellness, and preventative care plan for your pet

With advancements in technology and more knowledge about DNA testing than ever before, we are prepared to administer safe and thorough genetic tests for your pet in Branford and the surrounding areas.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment for genetic testing by calling (203) 717-4988.

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