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Laura Langhammer

Practice Manager
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1. What made you decide to pursue a career in veterinary medicine?

It is the perfect fit for me! As a child I preferred to be with my dogs as much as my friends. I identify with people in this field, my dog Piper comes to work with me, and I get to meet so many wonderful pets and thier parents.

2. Who makes up your pet family and what type of relationship do you have with them?

There is Piper, a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, Digit, a 10-year-old short hair domestic who is missing some toes, and Kurt, a 5-year-old orange short hair domestic, who is always on a diet. My relationship to my pets is food dispenser, hair brusher, doorman of the back door and the large person in the bed to snuggle with.

3. Is there a particular pet story that has turned into your family folklore.

My brothers and I woke up Easter morning at 5:00 am ( when we were 9, 5 and 4) and noticed the Easter bunny had not arrived yet . My parents explained that our three dogs had frightened the Easter bunny and he would be back at 8:00 AM , so we had to go back to bed. My brothers and I decided that there a few holes in the explanation, the dogs were with us!!

4. If you could choose to be any animal what would it be and why ?

Definitely a whale - everything about them fascinates me !

5. What would you like pet owners of Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital to know about you?

As the practice manager I am always available to speak with them regarding anything that has do with Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital and their beloved pets.